Doggie Days Out (including picnic)Fun, Frolics & Friends!

Enjoy guilt free days, knowing that your dog is having heaps of fun whilst you're at work or busy with the kids!

In today’s busy world, it can often be a struggle to find time to walk the dog and he/she may not be getting the daily exercise he/she needs, which can lead to boredom & behavioural problems setting in.

Having a professional dog walker means we come to your home and exercise your dog in its favourite places.  We take groups of friendly dogs out together providing great socialisation.  Your dog will have heaps of fun, make lots of new friends and it is a great healthy way to treat your dog!

Come home in the evenings and relax, having one less thing to do at the end of the day.  Even better, your dog can't wait to tell you about all the fun and frolics from their day and we'll also send you the photos!

We go all over the place on our ‘Doggie Days out’ the beach, the Maitai, parks and reserves, depending on where your dog is based and others who are joining the trip!

Traveling around in the Doggie Wagon is full of fun and excitement!  Each dog wears a harness that we provide and is safely strapped in.  Pick up and drop off is included in the price of the walk, so please allow anything from 1 -2 hours on top of the walk as a time frame.

Puppies need lots of socialisation with other dogs, all sorts of breeds and temperaments.  The best way for them to learn how to behave appropriately around other dogs is by starting them off at a young age with other dogs.

Small, nervous or timid dogs benefit greatly from being part of a pack.  It helps build their confidence and teaches them that other dogs are great fun and they need not be afraid.

For the more senior rascals, being part of the pack gives them a new lease of life, a spring in their step and purpose in life.


Operates Monday - Friday mornings (2 -3 hours with 1 hour walk)
Regular (minimum once per week, per walk) $25 or $40 for 2 dogs
Casual $28 or $40 for 2 dogs (if spaces available)

Operates Monday - Friday lunch times (1-2 hours with 1/2 hour walk)
Regular (minimum once per week, per walk) $17 or $26 for 2 dogs
Casual $18 or $28 for 2 dogs (if spaces available)

Please note, the length of the outing may vary depending on where you live and the walk location.

(Subject to availability)

1 dog 1/2 hour walk $20 or 1 hour walk $34

2 dogs 1/2 hour walk $28 or 1 hour walk $44

(2 dogs will be taken to local exercise area for off leash play)

Consultation: $15 - refundable when signing up for weekly walks

Dogs must be vaccinated and on a regular flea prevention program

Vaccinations Required

  • Vanguard 5/DHPPI

  • Canine/Kennel Cough

We hope you enjoy our short video of our
Doggie Days Out.

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If you are a new customer and would like to make a booking, please email us with further information about your dog.