Puppy Potty Breaks

This service is ideal if you can’t get home from work during the day to let your puppy out for a pee or maybe an elderly or ill dog that can’t hold on!  We will also spend time with them playing, feeding, training – whatever your puppy wants!

Rates start from $20

Pet Photography

Lasma Vensberga, one of our Pet Sitters is also a very good Pet Photographer and has been training with reknown Nelson photographer, David Chadwick.   During visits, Lasma will often take photo’s of customer’s pets which then can be purchased from $10.00.

If you would like a complete photo session for your pet, this can be arranged at a location of your choice.

Price on application

Pet Taxi

We can transport your pet to or from the vets/groomers/airport etc

Rates start from $20

Wedding Ceremonies

Our pets are part of our family, so why wouldn’t we want to include them in such a special day?!

We will collect your dog and watch over them throughout the ceremony or maybe you would like him/her to bear the rings!  Whatever you would like them to do, we are happy to assist and will drop your dog off at the end of the ceremony/photo session to your chosen destination.

N.B With all the hustle and bustle of a wedding and extra guests in the house, some couples opt to have their dogs stay with a family at one of our Doggie Holiday Homes.

Rates start from $50

Contact wendy@petsittersnz.co.nz for more information.